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The leaf of a palm or fern, usually having many divisions.

Frost pocket

A small, low-lying area, where late and early frosts are more likely, increasing the risk to tender plants.


The ripened ovary or ovaries of a seed bearing plant. It may take one of several different forms, eg, follicle, achene, capsule, nut, pome, berry, drupe or syncarp.

Fruiting body

Of fungi, the sporocarp or spore-bearing structures of larger fungi, including mushrooms, toadstools, etc.


The practice of administering insecticides or fungicides in the form of gases or smokes.


A chemical agent to control or destroy fungus.


The large group of heterotrophic, spore-bearing organisms characterised by their lack of chlorophyll, which requires them to feed on organic matter. Parasitic fungi rely upon living plants or animals to provide their nourishment, while saprophytic fungi feed on decaying matter.

31 to 37 of 37 glossary items