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The insertion of a section of one plant, usually a shoot, into another, so they grow together into a single plant.

Grease band

Applied to fruit trees to protect them from the wingless females of some moths, which would climb trees to lay eggs among young shoots. A sticky substance, such as fruit tree grease, is applied to the bole of the tree in a 10cm band, 3ft above the ground, trapping the insects before they can do any damage.

Green manure

To improve the condition and fertility of soils by ploughing in cover crops while still green.


See Aphid.


The collective term for plants of the same hybrid origins.

Grey mould

See Botrytis.

Ground cover

Low-growing, fast-spreading plants often used to stabilise soil and prevent soil erosion, as well as for aesthetic interest.


The larva of an insect, eg, maggot, caterpillar.


The secretion of gums or resins by some plants, especially fruit trees and conifers, when cut.


The collective term for the female parts of a flower, comprising ovary, style and stigma.

11 to 20 of 20 glossary items