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The narrow base of some petals, as seen on the iris.


A plant that will tolerate cooler temperatures. Half-hardy plants may be grown outdoors in summer, but won't survive frosts. Half-hardy shrubs and herbaceous plants may survive an average winter in sheltered or warm environments.


Refers to trees whose trunks are unbranched up to 3-4ft from ground level. Also applies to plants having significantly shorter stems than standard forms.

Hardening off

The process of acclimatising plants to lower temperatures, usually following their raising under cover, such as in a greenhouse, prior to planting out in open ground.


Plants able to withstand cold conditions, without protection.

Hardy annual

An annual plant, the seeds of which can tolerate sub-zero winter temperatures and whose seedlings can survive spring frosts.

Hardy perennial

An herbaceous perennial plant able to withstand exposure to sub-zero temperatures.


A leaf that's shaped like the point of a spear, with broad, pointed lobes at the base on either side of the leaf stalk or stem.


The foliage and stems of vegetable crops, such as potatoes, beans, peas, etc. Also known as bine.


The fruit of crataegus species, eg, the hawthorn.

1 to 10 of 26 glossary items