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The base of a stem where it joins the main stem. When a stem is torn from a larger branch, the heel is the piece of bark or wood retained at the base where it had been attached. Many cuttings root more readily with a heel.

Heeling in

Refers to the practice of temporarily planting a tree in a shallow trench until it may planted in its permanent site.


Non-woody plants, whose upper parts die back to the soil surface at the end of the growing season each year.


Chemical used to kill and control weeds.


Plant species having both male and female organs in the same flower. Also see Monoecious.


Plants with more than one type of leaf, such as when the leaves of the young plant are different from those in maturity.


The fruit of a rose.


Having a covering of stiff, bristly hairs.


Having soft, greyish white hairs, usually on foliage.

Honey fungus

A fungus that attacks trees and woody shrubs. Infection spreads via the roots, and an infected tree will die once the fungus has girdled it, or caused extensive root rot.

11 to 20 of 26 glossary items