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1) The sticky secretions of aphids and other scale insects.

2) A cultivar group of melon.

Hormone rooting powder

A chemical compound used in the propagation of plants. Proprietary brands contain hormones needed to promote root cell development, as well as mineral nutrients and trace elements.


An abnormality, giving a flower the appearance of a flower within a flower. Also known as cup-and-saucer formation.


Decomposed organic matter that provides nutrients for plants and increases the soil's ability to retain water. Humus can be mixed with garden soil and sand to make a potting mixture.


Term used for the plant resulting from the cross fertilisation of two or more plant species or genera.

Hybrid vigour

The increase in the desirable characteristics of a hybrid plant, eg, in growth rate or yield, in comparison with its parents.

21 to 26 of 26 glossary items