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John Innes

The John Innes Horticultural Institute was founded in 1904, 'for the improvement of horticulture by experiment and research'. It was set up with money bequeathed by a London businessman of Scottish descent. John Innes composts were developed as an attempt to standardise compost formulae at a time when nurserymen were bringing a confusion of formulae to the market. The range includes John Innes seed compost, for seed sowing or rooting cuttings; John Innes potting compost No.1 for initial potting; John Innes potting compost No.2 for potting on; and John Innes compost No.3 for final potting of stock plants. Composts like this, which are soil based, should be stored in dry conditions and used within a month of purchase.


Another term for node. The point on a stem from which a leaf or leaf bud grows.


A young plant, the features of which differ at this early stage of its development from those of a fully mature specimen. Generally, a juvenile will be smaller and lack reproductive capability. In trees, juvenility may last many years.

3 glossary items returned