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The common term for the larva of flies.


Metallic element essential in the production of chlorophyll in plants. Magnesium deficiency can stunt development, but may be combated by an annual application of foliar feed.


1) A plant grown from seed or a newly rooted runner.

2) A young, reproductively immature tree in the first year following grafting.


Metallic trace element that's an essential micro-nutrient for healthy plants.


Any bulky material supplying nutrients to the soil. May be derived from animals in the form of dung and farmyard waste, or from plants (see Green manures).


Of the margins or edges of leaves, or of organs such as petals.


An insect that looks like a wood louse, but which is coated in a pale, waxy substance. It feeds on plant sap, and is best controlled by systemic insecticide.


Like a membrane, being very thin, translucent or papery.


In the structure of an orchid, it's the forward-jutting extension of the base of the column.


In taxonomy, the microspecies is the unit below species level.

1 to 10 of 28 glossary items