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A palmate leaf with distinctive clefts in each lobe.


The stalk of an individual flower in an inflorescence or cluster.


The primary stalk of a cluster of flowers, or the solitary stalk of an individual flower.


A round-shaped leaf that's attached to the stalk or petiole underneath in the centre.


A term that usually refers to non-woody plants that live for more than two years or three seasons. Flowering annually, perennial plants tend to die down during the winter, but have roots that will survive low temperatures.


A pair of leaves attached to either side of a stem that have their bases fused, so they encircle it.


The collective term used to describe the external floral parts of a flower, which includes the calyx and corolla. In a tulip, the combined sepals and petals are known as the perianth.


See Compost.


A flower leaf. Part of the corolla of a flower, surrounding the reproductive organs. The petal itself is non-reproductive, but has a role in attracting insects and is often coloured.


Leaf stalk connecting base of leaf to main stem of the plant. Usually green in colour, and may have flared 'wings' which connect to the leaf.

11 to 20 of 64 glossary items