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A leaf that's deeply cut, but doesn't reach the midrib. That would cause the sections to form leaflets, as with pinnate leaves.


A compound leaf composed of parallel rows of paired leaflets that are usually attached at an angle to the main axis of the leaf. Odd-pinnate leaves have a single, terminal leaflet. Those that are lacking a terminal leaflet are referred to as paripinnate. See Bipinnate and Tripinnate.


One of the individual leaflets of a bipinnate leaf.


The female reproductive organs of a flower, comprising ovary, style and stigma. The pistil may be simple (a single carpel) or compound (a group of carpels).


A flower having only female reproductive organs.


Pertaining to iris flowers, which have a base colour of white or yellow, with stippled or feathered edges of a contrasting colours.


Folded or pleated, as in the leaves of the snowdrop.

Plug plant

A small but well-rooted seedling raised in a cellular tray. These plants are particularly useful for covering large areas.


A feathery inflorescence, usually of a grass or astilbe.


Plume-like, feathery.

31 to 40 of 64 glossary items