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The act of sinking a pot plant in soil, sand or cinders, to prevent roots from drying out.


The practice of pruning tree branches back to the trunk to encourage the production of young shoots and foliage. Often used in the development of ornamental trees.


Borne on the anthers of most flowers, pollen are the male sex cells essential for pollination.


The transfer of pollen - by insects, wind or hand - to the female stigma, after which fertilisation of the ovule ensues.


A mass of pollen, eg, grains gathered together in a clump, as opposed to being individually enclosed in a sac.


Refers to the flowerhead of blooms, such as the dahlia or chrysanthemum, which is plump and spherical.


Potassium. Chemical symbol K in the NPK formulae, potassium is responsible for flower and fruit production in plants.


See Potash.


Refers to the transfer of seedlings or rooted cuttings into pots.

Potting on

The transfer of a plant from one pot into a larger one (usually the next size up) to allow more space for root development.

41 to 50 of 64 glossary items