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Root run

The area of soil taken up by a plant's roots.


The matted roots and soil of a plant that can be seen when transplanting a pot plant, and which should be kept entire.


The plant on to which a scion from another specimen may be grafted. The rootstock then provides the root system of the new combined plant.


Describes a cluster of leaves arranged in a tight circle, usually close to the soil surface, as seen on a dandelion. The term may also be used to describe the corolla of a flower.


General term for a number of diseases, which cause the death or decay of plant tissue.


Having a rounded or spherical appearance.


To be red/brown in colour.


Refers to leaves that have a wrinkled or puckered appearance.


An offshoot of the parent plant that runs along the soil surface, which produces roots at the nodes.


A fungal disease that causes rust-coloured spots on leaves, stems and other parts of a plant.

21 to 30 of 30 glossary items