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A leaf that's shaped like an arrowhead, so has a distinct pointed tip. It also has pointed lobes, which extend either side of the point of attachment to the petiole or leaf stalk.


An organism that grows on dead or decaying organic matter, eg, mushrooms and other fungi.


A fungal scale disease that causes lesions on leaves or fruit.


1) The fleshy leaf of a bulb.

2) A fern whose leaves have rust-coloured scales covering the whole of their undersides.

Scale insect

Small, sap-sucking insects.

Scale leaf

A small leaf that provides protection for a bud.


A loosely climbing plant, ie, one that climbs without using tendrils. Instead it uses intertwining long, supple stems that grow through other plants.


A leafless flower stem arising directly from the soil.


Having a coarse, dried-up appearance. Having no green colouring.


A plant shoot or cutting that's grafted on to the rootstock of another to produce a new plant.

1 to 10 of 73 glossary items