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Having a covering of bristles or stiff hairs.


A tube-shaped covering that surrounds part of a plant. The basal part of a grass leaf that encloses the stem.


A fungal disease that commonly affects fruit trees. Symptoms include spots on leaves, which then fall out, creating holes that give the appearance of being shot. Can be be controlled using fungicidal sprays.


A multi-stemmed, woody plant, where all the branches grow from the base, not from a single trunk. A bush.

Silver leaf

A disease primarily affecting the plum tree.


An unbranched inflorescence or undivided leaf, ie, not compound.


A flower that has the usual number of petals, ie, not double.


Refers to leaf margins or petals that are wavy.


The cleft or recess between lobes of a leaf or petal.


Slimy molluscs that feed by night on tender plants and some root crops. They can cause considerable destruction, and control takes many forms, from salting to the use of chemical pesticides.

21 to 30 of 73 glossary items