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The slug-like larva of the sawfly, which attacks plant foliage.


A fungal disease that primarily affects cereal crops, and produces grey or black spores.


A gastropod that has a coiled shell, and feeds on plants. It wreaks similar damage to slugs, and can be controlled in the same way too.


The fleshy central stem of plants in the aroid family that bears many unstalked flowers. It's usually partially enclosed by a spathe.


1) A large, hood-like, colourful bract that surrounds the spadix.

2) The spathe flower is peculiar to the aroid family, eg, anthurium, spathiphyllum and arum.

Spathulate/ spatulate

A leaf that's rounded and cupped like a spoon.


A group of plants that share common characteristics. See Classification for more.

Specimen (plant)

A plant of superior quality, planted in a prime position to show it at its best.


A number of mosses found in bogs. When decomposed they form peat moss, which can be used for air layering or dry-lining hanging baskets.


To be shaped like a spike, pointed.

31 to 40 of 73 glossary items