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A plant possessing four sets of chromosomes, as opposed to the usual two of the diploid.

Thinning out

The practice of reducing the number of plants in a bed or container to provide more room for growth. In fruit production, to reduce the crop of fruitlets early on in order to produce larger fruits for harvest.


Known as thunderbugs or thunderflies, a thrip is a tiny sap-sucking, winged insect that can cause damage to plants.


The fine, loose surface layer of soil, resulting from tilling.


To be furry, being covered in short, fine hairs.

Top dress

The practice of improving soil, by adding a layer of fertiliser to the surface and allowing it to settle in without digging over. Replacing the top layer of soil with compost.

Top work

To graft only the ends of a plant, leaving branches intact.


The layer of soil nearest the surface, which can reach a depth of around 30cm.


The evaporation of water from a plant through the stomata of the leaves and stem. The rate of transpiration is determined by external factors, such as temperature, light and humidity.


Moving a plant from one place to another.

11 to 20 of 32 glossary items