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An insect of the order Hymenoptera. They're considered a pest in the summer when they feed on ripe fruit.


Any unwanted plant, or a plant that hinders the growth of more desirable plants.


Used to refer to a tree or shrub having pendulous branches.


A member of the beetle family Curculionidae. Weevils are small in size, with an elongated head, and can cause serious damage to fruits, nuts, trees, etc.


Sap-sucking insects of the family Aleyrodidae. A particular pest of the greenhouse, whitefly can be very destructive.


A group of three or more leaves or flowers arising at the same level on a stem, and arranged in a circle.

Wild garden

A garden with naturalised planting, often designed for the benefit of wildlife and birds. They'll commonly include areas of shelter and plants that will provide food.


Click beetle larvae that live in the soil. They're a pest that attacks the roots of many crops, including tubers and bulbs.


A relatively harmless arthropod that lives in dark, moist environments, such as decaying vegetation, bark, etc.

9 glossary items returned