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Bug box

By Adam Pasco in Wildlife
I'm always looking for ways to make wildlife in my garden feel more welcome and at home. After all, it has just as much right to be there as I do. Continue reading...

A plumb job

By Adam Pasco in Grow & eat
What a disappointment! The plums looked lovely, as my picture shows, but they taste of nothing...Is it just me or are plums everywhere particularly tasteless this year? Continue reading...

In the pink

By Adam Pasco in Plants
Hydrangeas exhibit a chameleon-like characteristic, changing flower colour according to the type of soil they're growing in. Continue reading...

New arrivals

By Adam Pasco in Wildlife
We've had some new arrivals in our neighbourhood recently. The Rat Family arrived next door, taking up residence in their new development... Continue reading...

Lost crop of the Incas

By Adam Pasco in Grow & eat
At last my achocha have been planted... later than I wanted, but time has been against me and I didn't fancy getting soaked in a July deluge! (Call this global warming?). I love the way unusual crops, like achocha, always get visitors to my garden talking. Continue reading...
211 to 215 of 215 blog posts