Slug-proof plants - Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

20 slug-proof plants

Outwit the slugs in your garden by growing the plants they don't like to eat.

Slugs and snails can wreak havoc in the garden, demolishing seedlings and decimating the leaves of larger plants such as hostas. While slug pellets are an effective deterrent, those containing metaldehyde can harm hedgehogs and other wildlife, while other forms of slug control can be time consuming and aren’t guaranteed to work.

It can be expensive and heartbreaking to keep growing the plants you know will be eaten completely, or at least ravaged beyond recognition. So why not stop? There are plenty of beautiful plants that slugs aren’t attracted to. Grow these, instead, and not only will your garden be easier to manage, but you’ll be happier, too, without the heartache of losing treasured plants to hungry molluscs.

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