In April, the garden bursts into life, as spring blossom appears and borders and pots are awash with the bright colours of spring bulbs. The first tulips appear this month, the fresh foliage and flowers of euphorbias providing the perfect foil for their bright colours.


If you didn't get around to planting bulbs in the autumn, you can easily find potted bulbs, and the plants that look good with them at this time of year, at the garden centre.

Here are five combinations to inspire you.

Apple blossom and wallflower

Stepover apples are a great way of incorporating a fruit tree into even the smallest of gardens and they look especially beautiful when covered in spring blossom. They look wonderful underplanted with wallflowers or tulips.

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Orange wallflowers with pink blossom of a stepover apple tree

Tulip and euphorbia

The acid yellows and greens of euphorbias are the perfect foil for all manner of spring flowers - here, Euphorbia x martinii contrasts beautifully with maroon and white tulips, as well as a cotinus to the left, which is just coming into leaf.

Lime-yellow euphorbia forming a contrasting backdrop for maroon and white tulips and maroon cotinus

Daffodil, wallflower and viola

This vibrant combination combines 'Tete a Tete' daffodils and wallflowers. If you didn't get around to planting this combo in autumn, you could find both of these plants on sale at the garden centre in spring.

Golden/burnt-orange wallflowers with yellow daffodils

Muscari and feather grass

Grape hyacinths are easy to grow although they do have a tendency to spread - if this is likely to be an issue, plant them in pots. They look good combined with other spring bulbs, or with a compact, fine grass, such as Stipa tenuissima.

Blue grape hyacinths with beige stipa grass


Trillium and fern

Trilliums are an unusual addition to a border that is in light shade, where they combine well with other woodland plants. The ferns look especially beautiful when they unfurl in spring.

Textured leaves and maroon flowers of trilliums in a shady border with ferns

Be bold with your planting

Tulips are best planted fresh each autumn for the best display - which means you can be adventurous with your combinations, changing them from year to year.