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Squirrels, foxes and snow

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I don't think the squirrels liked the snow [...] In south-east London we only had 3 or 4 inches but that's as high as a squirrel's eye hereabouts. Continue reading...

Why are the birds ignoring their food?

By Kate Bradbury in Wildlife
Last winter, when I went to great trouble to feed the birds in my garden, my offerings were largely ignored. This winter, I'm trying again... Continue reading...

Feeding garden birds in winter

By Pippa Greenwood in Wildlife
The soil here is rock solid [...] Now, I'd need to use an ice axe, rather than a fork if I wanted to plant anything. Continue reading...

Derelict gardens

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
[...] something like one in five front gardens are never used by their owners, for anything. A quick stroll up the road shows my neighbourhood seems to fit with this. Continue reading...

Guerrilla gardening and wildlife

By Kate Bradbury in Wildlife
Guerrilla gardening, the subject of a recent radio programme, is the act of gardening on public or private land without permission. Continue reading...

Urban foxes

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Looking out of the top bedroom window, I was admiring the reds, yellows and golds of the leaves when I spotted a ruddy brown bundle next to the ivy thicket. Continue reading...

Homes for wildlife

By Kate Bradbury in Wildlife
I've been trying to attract bumblebees to nest in my garden for years. My bumblebee nester has made a great home for spiders, but no bumblebees have ever displayed interest. Continue reading...

Garden birds and Feed the Birds Day

By Kate Bradbury in Wildlife
We're getting to that point in the year when energy-rich food makes all the difference to small birds surviving winter. There's much less natural food available... Continue reading...

Holiday wildlife

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I am not, you might have guessed, in East Dulwich. I am in the village of Crofty, on the north side of the Gower Peninsula, overlooking the Loughor Estuary. Continue reading...
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Frogs, ponds and winterkill

By Kate Bradbury in Wildlife
Two feral pigeons have taken to having a daily bath in my pond. I doubt this will please my frogs, but there's no danger of any ice forming if they continue splashing about in it. Continue reading...