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gardenning granny

A garage is being built adjacent to the end of our garden and I thought that it might make the ideal place for a pear tree, providing warmth and shelter.  As most pear trees are not self fertile I am considering either a dual, triple or quintuple tree.  The Five tree version seems to be only from Unwins but is tempting with its five varieties.

Does anyone have experience of these trees and good and bad nurseries to buy from?  I'd like to order now ready to plant in November/December.

Also is it worth paying m,ore for a bigger tree or will a smaller one settle in more easily?

gardenning granny

Really sorry to get no answer to this question  - surely somewone out there has some knbowledge of these trees? Please?


I have a couple - one has 3 varieties and the other tree has two.  They took a few years to start producing fruit.  The main issue for me is that they are in a fairly open position and in central UK we often get cold cold snaps which can reduce pollination (or reduce the number of pollinators about) but it sounds like your sheltered position will be ideal.  Another problem is pear rust but that can be kept on top of with a bit of vigilance and picking off affected leaves before the pustules form underneath.  Make sure you prune them properly as each grafted variety may have a different vigour then the others.  To compensate, you prune the weaker varieties HARDER than the vigourous ones in winter (a fact which seems to go against common sense which is why some folk get it wrong.)

gardenning granny

Thank you both for helpful replies.  I have found them on both Pippin and Pomona sites, whilst Unwins are offering five varieties grafted onto one trunk, but whist this is very tempting  I think it is pushing my luck.  It's just a matter of choosing which three varieties.....I definitely prefer comice over williams.  Sadly no company seems to want to graft the less well known varieties like Josephine de Malines.  I wonder if I will get fruit in side three years?


gardenning granny

I considered that Pansyface, but I think I like the visual impact of a more fan shape I would get with a tree - it is not just a fruiting tree, it will be a focal point at the end of the garden.  I guess I could add a single cordon later, but I guess I may just be too lazy to do that!

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