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can the forum please tell me the best cherry tomato ,in their opinion , it  will be grown in a greenhouse............

i think  a fave was mentioned in the march issue of G W  , cant find my copy tho..........

Gardeners delight is delicious. I grow this every year.  However I am growing Sungold instead this year. I think these are the best cherry tomatoes for greenhouse or outside.

Gardeners delight is easy, reliable, sweet with a sharp tangy taste.  Sungold is sweet.....apparently without the sharp taste.   .???

is gardeners delight a cherry one ?  i thought it was norm



My vote also goes with Gardeners Delight every time !


I think Sungold is the best followed by GDelight. Why not try both?

its for my parents, they just want one , not much room either


Gardeners' Delight for me every time. Very reliable, good flavour.


Sungold every time for me.  It's a much stronger grower, crops earlier and heavier and is more disease resistant then GD, but perhaps only if your prefer sweeter tomatoes but still with that 'real' tomato flavour.  For a red, an improved cultivar over GD is available from Australian stock called 'Tommy Toe'.  It is less prone to splitting then GD and has better disease resistance.  I couldn't taste any difference in flavour when I tried it.


I've tried a lot of cherry varieties over the years. The best I've come across is an English heirloom called Camp Joy, also known as Chadwick's Cherry. If allowed it will grow into a huge plant but it's easy enough to contain. Produces masses of delicious fruit. You'll find it at several UK online seed suppliers.


...Camp Joy... I've not heard of that one, sounds a bit unusual...  I've not grown that many cherries, but I prefer Suncherry to Sungold.  I'm growing both this year again, I always grow Suncherry despite initially Sungold being the stronger grower - always first to germinate... but Suncherry catches up......

plus one other...Orange Perruche...first time growing this one.. 

Morning salino

Not tried suncherry.  Maybe I will next year.  This year I will grow the best tomatoes ever and masses of them.........!


GD is always good but the last 3-4 years I have also grown an American heirloom called White Princess. Its a pale yellow, very thin skinned and sweet with a distinctive lemon flavour, however fruiting can be haphazard which is a shame. Still worth growing IMO if you have the space though.

Salino wrote (see)

...Camp Joy... I've not heard of that one, sounds a bit unusual...



 That's probably the more common name. It's also known as Chadwick's Cherry after Alan Chadwick, the English horticulturalist who developed it. It's a red cherry on a large, regular-leaf plant. It should be much better known in the UK than it is.


sun gold is the tastiest of all tomatoes

Verdun wrote (see)

Morning salino

Not tried suncherry.  Maybe I will next year.  This year I will grow the best tomatoes ever and masses of them.........!

...I'm sure you will...

good evening Verdun, 

but I think I may grow a little more than you do...  judging by RHS trials, in 2007, Sungold got 22 tomatoes per truss, Suncherry got 31 per truss....

Sungold got 9.3 percent on the Brix test whereas Suncherry got 9.2 so very similar sweetness levels... both ready for picking 31 July...

Gardener's Delight in the 1998 trial only got 21 tomatoes per truss and matures late...

I think I would also like to try 'Rosada' and 'Sunset' as they both got good reviews..

...I'm sure they're all lovely and we shall enjoy them whatever we grow...

Good evening salino

Lets hope we all get lots of lovely toms to go with the brilliant summer we are going to get