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I dont have a greenhouse and was wondering it i could grow tomatoe's from seed in my South Facing lounge - of which gets very hot when the sun appears.

Reason being - have too many munchers in my garden and also a badger/foxes who like to have the odd dig where they shouldnt.

Light levels might not be ideal indoors, slugs/snails don't tend to bother tomato plants much in my experience once they've reached about six inches or so. If you grew them in pots it's probably unlikely that a badger or anything else really would dig them up.

You can of course give it a go indoors, but the flowers will need some help with pollination.
last year i tried growing tomatoes in my front porch which is south facing and all glass on that side, but they became really spindly so I transferred them to the garden. You really need a green house with allround light.

I have just removed my "Money Maker" tomato plants into the greenhouse for good having taken the trouble to keep moving them from house to greenhouse and back. They are growing strongly now but have produced flowers already. I'm not sure that that is a good sign or not as they have not reached their full size. I think I will have to cover them with fleece each night. Time will tell whether my efforts have been worth it. 



I appreciate the advice - thank you.

I think growing them in pots - i had no idea about how important the pollination of the flowers were. Equally the allround light was also something i had not taken on board.

Tumbling toms in hanging baskets - brilliant idea.


Thanking you.




Tom flowers are self-pollinating so don't need insect life. Insect activity can help merely by moving a flower around and stimulating the flower's internal mechanics. You can achieve exactly the same thing by giving the flowers a light flick with your fingers or a brush with the palm of your hand.


Italophile - i never knew that - thank you.

Thank you Italophile, I am growing a specifically windowsill variety of tomato plant (grows to 1' high). I was wondering how they would be pollinated. When the flowers are in abundance I shall give them a tickle.

saltski, a friend of mine used to use an electric toothbrush. Goodness knows why.

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