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I sowed some purple carrots in a container last year but only got very small carrots so didn't bother to harvest them. The roots left over the winter are now sprouting again. If I let them grow (with feeding and watering) will I get larger carrots this year? 

Blue Onion

You'll get carrot flowers.    They are a biannual, and bloom/seed on the second year.  Pull them up and start again.  Purple carrots are fun, but there are a host of other carrots that are better suited for containers.  Nantes or Globe varieties come to mind first.

Given the size of the carrots they will be very small flowers indeed . They were part of a novelty colourful veg seed collection I got as a joke pressy so no great loss. 

Or white.  

For me carrots are orange, tomatoes are red, radishes are red, lettuces are green, etc.  red lettuce is awful, yellow toms are too sweet.  

steephill,start again with fresh seed of a f1 hybrid carrot ......some of them do taste wonderful ......mix In some friable compost and fish blood and bone and enjoy edible and not novelty carrots

Yep.  Your  sense of humour is mine Edd.  Isn't that sad? 


Jimmy Crawford

Blame the Dutch for the Orange carrots, apparently. Some sook of a gardener decided to breed an orange cultivar to cosy up to one of the Williams. A bit like those bizarre red tomatoes.


Verdun....I didnt think you were supposed to feed the ground for carrots, it makes them fork? 

Lyn, it's not the fertiliser that makes carrots fork.   It's the manure,,or stones etc.  fertiliser is fine.  Obviously mixed into the soil well

Each to his own

 Before anyone says it , I will add ............Or hers

I grow yellow Tom's ,white cucumbers  Tec

Someone has got to be different 

I grow red runner beans 


I grow the rainbow carrots in my tubs but I thin out the seedlings to get better size 

carrots just like you would on the allotments.

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