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I am just in the process of finishing of the landscaping of my garden and require a raised vegetable bed but am having trouble finding one due to the size I need.

I am looking for one which is 4ft wide x 16ft length x 3 ft height.

Does anybody have any recommendations on where I can buy one from? I am thinking it will need to be a bespoke order so fingers crossed.

Thanks in advance!

You should be able to buy 2 of the 4X8 ft ones and join them to get the size, but the height may be more difficult.

I got mine (8X6) from Scaffolding Direct and they say you could stack two, but that would only give a height of 18 inches.

Achieving stability with a higher bed would mean a lot of extra posts and supports and it would cost a fortune to fill. You would also need a more heavy weight timber than normal raised beds, so railway sleepers would probably be the safest bet.  Is there a special reason you need them so deep?

Thanks for the response! I just realised I got the sizes slightly wrong. There is no reason to have the height at 3 ft, when I was looking online the recommended was 12 inches which is like a foot.

another issue I seem to be having is that I need a bed with a bottom as I am currently landscaping my garden and would like this to sit on top of some caledonian Pebbles but a lot of the ones sold have an open bottom. do younhave any thoughts?

You could line it with landscaping fabric (weed membrane)if soil leakage is what you are bothered about, or you could just remove some ot the pebbles around the perimeter. Once the soil is settled though there shouldn't be much leakage.

My raised beds sit directly on the soil,allowing worms and other microbiome inhabitants access to the bed. It also allows deep rooted plants to reach nutrients from the soil below.

I am trying to go down the 'no dig' route, though I did clear the ground first as there were a lot of deep rooted  weeds like dock and willowherb that I didn't want to persist. I used mine to help terrace a slope which meant I could fill them with the surplus soil and then added a thick layer of well rotted manure. I have already, in the first year, noticed the difference in soil drainage and workability. Plants have grown well and weeding is much easier. than before.

I was hoping for something similar Khabeer as the area I want the bed on is heavy clay with hardcore underneath. I really don't fancy digging it all up!! Let me know how you get on!!😊

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