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over the past 2 or 3 years my tomato only develope fruit that is very small ie. sometimes as small as a pea. does not seem to make a differance if it is a normal size or a miniture variety.


If you have fresh seed, fresh compost provide the right conditions-you will get a proper crop

What variety have you been growing?


Have you fed and watered them regularly? If they were outside in 2012 perhaps the rain washed away all the fertiliser.

Make sure the roots have plenty of room i.e. big pots!

It sounds like they're not getting enough light or warmth, but we really need a little more information. When are they planted out? What's the usual water/feed situation? Where are they planted and in what?


i usually have plants from my uncle who gives me gardeners delight and beefeater varieties. i water them in the evenings when  needed, every day when large enough and feed them every 3 days.  should i close the door at night , every night even when warm ie , july ?


I have no idea what you are doing wrong-gardeners delight are a cherry variety anyway so will not get that big -but bigger than a pea

And beefsteak are big tomatoes

I wonder if it is too much food and water-being treated too well?

There is something wrong somewhere- it could be the plants-are they grown from saved seed do you know?

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