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I have 3 varieties of strawberry in my polytunnel, Marshmarvel, marshmello and malwina.  The Malwina seeds have started to germinate, so instead of ripening fruit I have a mass of mini plants growing.  What is the cause of this, does it mean that variety is not suited to growing in a polytunnel?

I've just started my strawberry seeds and I'm reading up from what I can gather they don't fruit in the first year so maybe it's something to do with that ? I'm very new at this so could be wrong 

They should fruit in the first yr, mine nearly always do, but might not be as yummy as second yr, they could just be an early variety or your poly could have brought them on earlier than the others.

Aldi getting some in 6 for £2 . 


Strawberries grown from seed will almost certainly not fruit in the first year - growing them from seed is a slow process and in year 2 they will be about as large as those bought as bare-root runners.  Strawberries bought as bare root runners and planted in Autumn might, if they are good-sized roots and those supplied in pots will almost definitely fruit in their first year.


Hello , last year was given some plants , can't believe how many runners there are and the number of plants 

any advise about and when to replant thses runners in another bed ?


GWRS - If the runners have rooted in the soil they can be severed from the parent plant and planted in their new home. I would do it anytime now (as long as the ground is not frosted) and just keep an eye on them.

I did mine about 2 weeks ago & they are doing fine - I have just had to give them an occasional watering as we have had no useful rain for nearly a month now and the beds are really getting quite dry. Oh the joys of gardening in the near desert of the Suffolk / Essex area - watering in March - I ask you! 

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