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I have grown my tomato plants from seed and already potted them up once. Normally I would have moved them into the greenhouse (unheated) by now, but as the weather is so atrocious, I'm worried about the cold damaging or killing them. I live in central Scotland- has anyone else planted theirs out yet?

No, mine have spent all their lives in my greenhouse! I do have some heating in there, but have been covering them with fleece on the chillier nights. I'm at the other end of the country ton you though, in South Devon. Do you have a min/max thermometer in your greenhouse so you know how low the temp drops?

Don't do it!! (yet)!  I was a little too keen last week and have lost ALL of mine, grown from seed, to the cold.  I'm in the Midlands and despite it looking lovely first thing, it aint half chillie outside! 


Hi, I live in Lancaster and put my tomatoes in a plastic growhouse in my back garden already a few weeks back. Here's how they looked 2 weeks ago and since then, they grew a bit more. Just covered them with fleece on cold nights and they seem to be doing very good indeed!


Thanks for all the advice. Not always at home so wouldn't be practical for me to use fleece. Not going to risk putting them out until the weather improves a bit.......whenever that may be.


We could be neighbours, nadiamaz, mine are about the same size as yours. I planted some out in the GH bed at the weekend and tonight left the rest in the GH instead of bringing them back indoors, not sure it's worth chancing it yet if I lived in Scotland.

I started off just leaving a couple of plants in the GH overnight a few weeks ago,they didn't die but haven't grown much since. 

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