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Green Magpie, you are absolutely correct, I'll have no problem with the weight of the quince breaking the branches this year! I am going to take the bull by the horn and prune some of the branches in October and hope for the best. In the mean time I am going to have to find some quince to make jam with.

Does anyone know of a  way to encourage the flowers to stay on the tree and set fruit.


Avoid frosts and encourage bees

Fingers crossed, so far we have had no severe frost, however how does one attract bees to the quince tree when there are so many other flowers to attract them in the garden?  

Isn't that the task of the quince flower? I am sure it has worked out how to flash an ankle at a passing bee. How is your tree this year? Mine is in year 5, and no fruits in previous years, plenty of flowers about to open, fingers crossed. MIne is a sweet quince, which I have never had before. My late mum's was non sweet, and needed cooking with sugar. Lovely flavour. Gorgeous smell.


Probably frost damage
flowering rose

my quince is the same variety, they need a lot of water and they dislike pruning added to that they are not fond of being next to apple trees,although mine is but my garden spends most of its time being water logged!

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