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No expert

As the title says my Golden Wonders bacame a feast for the local crow population this week. Was hoping to leave them in the ground for a few more weeks. Sow ed on 20/04/13, 161 days. Keep an eye on yours over the coming weeks. As the stems start to die down the birds have room to land among your crop.


Are they eating the potatoes or are they after worms and insects?  If there are a lot of them they are probably rooks.

No expert

It was my spuds they were after. Found the picked remains of a few ovewr the last few weeks. They came back this morning and wandered around looking but left empty handedor should that be emptu beaked.


A crow in a crowd is a rook.

We have alot of rooks round here and I have never seen them attacking potatoes though.



I've lived in the country all my life and never heard of it - they'll be after wireworms and leatherjackets - holes in spuds is slugs in my experience.

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