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Steve 309

New formula for growing an avocado from seed:

1. Remove seed from avocado and eat the flesh, preferably with a nice vinaigrette sauce

2. Discard avocado seed to compost heap

3. Leave for several months (this was not a particularly efficiently-run garden)

4. Turn compost heap and recover seed, accidentally damaging it in the process

5. Pot up and await developments

Any thoughts? works wonderfully............I've managed a few nice little trees that way

Forget the vinaigrette........mash with Garam Masala

Steve 309

Hmmm - might try that one day...

To make a meal of Bulgar wheat with Garlic, Toms and Cucumber and Parsley.  You can bulk up your Avocado and GS with chicken or quorn if you are so inclined Classic summer scoff.............if the sun ever shines this year


Tricia Bretagne

being south African ive grown an avocado from pip

 it would never have fruited so I threw it away after a very cold snap when the whole plant turned black.  sad really ..  would love an avocado tree in my garden here in Cambridge.  I didn't have a greenhouse back then and if I was grow another, is there a particular avocado that would fruit ?



Guacamole is my favourite thing to make with avocado.  I don't know how many sprouting seeds I've come across in my compost bin.  I'll need to save one or two and try growing them on.  

Tastes of soap to me, but have one growing well on the kitchen window cill.

Tricia Bretagne

Soap !   omg never ... you are eating them too green then.

Tricia Bretagne

ah man... in Durban where I come from you would feel stuffed after eating one avocado. Its so big that you can only eat half of the fruit. The skin should be purple, then you know its ready. If it is dark brown you might still be able to eat it... if ts black, it could be rotten x I still struggle to buy a ripe avo in the shops cos its not the same fruit I am use to .

Steve 309

I think the skin colour depends partly on the variety, as well as the degree of ripeness. 

Would they flower and fruit in UK?


I never put the stone in the compost heap.  They never rot down, so they go in the waste food bin for the Council to deal with.

Steve 309

So the council can grow them?


We have a special word in Wales to deal with remarks like that.  Twp!

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