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Hi everyone.  Does anyone have any idea why my beetroots have lovely healthy tops & no roots


Try feeding them with tomato food it may help


everos, too much nitrogen can cause the problem. Either already in the soil or added by fertilising. Have you fertilised them?

Overplanting can also cause it, bulbs not having room to develop.

Italophile.  Yes I have fed them.  Does this account for the leaves looking very lush?


Yes, everos, especially if the fertiliser is nitrogen-rich. Nitrogen promotes leaf/foliage growth at the expense of everything else. Providing the soil is good and healthy in the first place, beetroot shouldn't need any fertiliser.


Yes, Italophile, I think overfeeding may by the answer as this is the first year I've fed my beetroot. We live & learn!

i've got the same problem. i'd dug some fertiliser into the soil before the seedlings went in (started from modules), plenty of large green leaves, but i've scratched around and just thin purple roots...


Bf, fresh fertiliser isn't good for root crops. For most, it's best to sow/plant into soil that was fertilised, say, the autumn before. They won't need fertilising again during the season.

The fertiliser went in about March time I think...


That's a bit recent. As I said above, if the soil is decent in the first place, it shouldn't need fertilising. I don't think I've ever fertilised my various beetroot beds.

ho hum. maybe I should sow some more? now have some bed space having pulled my garlic...

Yes, Bf206 I've sown another short row. Hope I'll be lucky this time.


To back up what Italophile said, I once left a module tray of beetroot seedlings lying on the soil and forgot about it.  To my surprise they sent roots out of the bottom of the modules into the soil below and actually produced golf ball sized beetroots, so they don't need anything in the way of extra feed.


Bob, I think there's a general tendency to overfertilise in the veg garden. Starting with good healthy soil usually means there's sufficient goodness available.

Italophile. I garden in raised beds & I'm never sure about fertilising. If I put in compost in the autumn should that be sufficient?



Compost will give you good, healthy soil. It will be enough for root veg, certainly. I also dig in some blood and bone or variations thereof. Preparation is the key rather than playing catch up.

Are chicken pellets ok for all veg.?


Yes, they're a good low-key source of nutrition. I use them a lot.

Thanks, Italophile

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