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For the UK to grow in pots for the largest crops? I am not actually too bothered about taste! There are so many varieties I am not sure what to choose from e.g. self fertile or cross pollination. I live in Suffolk. Hombase to some good 50cm or 65cm pots BTW! Cheers.
Stacey Docherty
I have golden traube which is delicious and doing well

I have Top Hat, I cant compare them to any others as these I the first ones I bought, and they were only 1.99 per plant from Parkers.

I have just bought another from Lidls, not a clue what variety.

I bought 2 the same thinking thats what you needed for pollination, then found out it should be two different varieties, but they have been loaded with fruit, still more to come, and the leaves now are turning a gorgeous red, so worth it just for the plant.

They need to go in ericaceous compost with the occasional feed, but mine have just sat there producing with no special care.

Earliblue I found bland.

Herbert slightly better but missing something

Bluecrop large berries and sweet

Pink Lemonade. cannot comment yet as recently bought

My favorite two are Elizabeth and Darrow. Very large berries and very delicious.


I bought the Blueberry Collection from in January this year, they include Northland, Bluecrop and Jersey. Potted them each in their own big pot with ericaceous soil, in sunny spot and have watered them only in rainwater from my water butts. So far just leaves, not one bud or berry at all. I must be doing something wrong.

Wish I could recommend them, sorry!

I wonder if someone could tell me what position blueberries need to be in. Full sun, partial shade??



I grow Earliblue and Northland.  Earliblue is a heavy cropper, but I agree with David Lewis, it's bland.  Northland is specially bred for cold tolerance and bears rather smaller berries, but their flavour is much more like a wild bilberry - sharp/sweet and tangy.  Crops over a long period too.  Maybe not so good for Jason because the crop is smaller - though why anyone should want to grow blueberries but not care what they taste like is a bit of a mystery...    ...sorry, Jason!

Mrs T, my blueberries are on a NE slope in acid soil, sunny in summer but totally shaded in winter.  They only had a couple of berries on in their first year.  If yours are small bushes they may take a little while, but it sounds as if you're doing absolutely everything right!  Hopefully next year you'll get a crop - you might need to net them against birds or squirrels though. 

Thanks Liriodendron, I will keep persevering and hope next year I see a crop of some sort. I bought netting in preparation earlier this year, nevermind! 

Mrs T. normally they flower the second year!

Any idea how old they were? Any woody growth when you had them and have they grown much new growth this year

Hi David, they were small plants which were woody when I received them, not many leaves. Not sure how old they were I am afraid. Throughout the past few months the new leafy growth has been approx 7 inches, and then a few old leaves have disappeared! 

I'm assuming they were 2 yr old. Was wondering if they were trying to fob you off with just a 1 yr old plant. Problem is the 9cm pot restricts the growth and they become difficult to grow new thick branches from the stem.

I bought 10 from scotsplantdirect. 7 growing great, out the other three, pretty small and leggy but one has grown a new thick stem that have grown 3 foot this year, one looks like someone sat on it and no idea whats happening with the last one, hardly any new growth. All had flowers but barely two or three, no worries there with yours.

Feed with eracious feed in Spring and after harvest, they have another spurt of growth after harvest.(tho you don't know when harvest is as you don't have flowers, you can do it with the Bluecrop, not sure with the other two).

I would normally recommend to nip the tip of the new growth to encourage new branches, but with only 7 inches grown I don't really know.

Any chance of uploading a pic up?



Thanks David for your help, I will try and get photo's uploaded today, have been trying but the system is not having any of it at the moment! 

Sorry not to come back to you earlier, gardening all day yesterday and asleep by 9pm!

Did notice yesterday that the Jersey has suddenly developed three tiny little white buds on the new growth - not much, but a start. I should of mentioned too, that about a month ago I did chop a third off this years new growth. I was instructed to by the local garden center, not sure if that was right or not, but it did result in a sudden growth spurt!

Apologise Jason for hijacking your thread!!!

I grow blueberries in pots and have found that Blue Jay and Bluecrop are heavy croppers. Birgitta Blue is nearly as good and produces its fruit earlier.  The biggest and sweetest berries I had were on a variety called Chandler, but it only produced a light crop. I lost it due to not ensuring good enough drainage in the pot and its roots rotted during the winter. I had heard blueberries liked damp conditions so didn't take drainage seriously enough. In spring I immediately re-potted all my plants with proper drainage and was rewarded with my best crop yet.

Hi David Lewis4, sorry for lateness getting back to you with pics, I was struck down with food poisoning ! If you still wouldn't mind having a look and letting me know if the new growth looks ok, and if they are in fact buds showing I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.



Yes they are buds.

They growing alright, not as small as I expected. Although I don't know why the nursery told you to prune a third of your plant?

I can't really see, but looks like there a few dead stems on the front bush. Looks like they turned grey? normally starts off as black burned tips and works itself down the stem eventually turning grey. You can compare it to a long piece of ash on a cigarette.



I agree with David, MrsT and you should remove all dead growth and also any wispy, weak growth growing near the base.  The strong, long shoots are the ones which are going to produce your crop next year.

Thanks to both of you for having a look, and for your advice. I will cut the dead bits off tomorrow. 

Safe to say I own't be asking for advice in that garden center again David!

They probably had a reason to tell you that, I got no idea what your plant looked like before the prune. If you pruned the weaker canes to simulate new strong growth, you probably did yourself a favor. Something I should have done with my poorest plant but I'm very reluctant to prune the only cane of the plant.

I was a bit surprised it was pruned late in the growing season that all. Blueberry plants however do have another spurt of growth around harvest, so if it was pruned around then it ended up being a good choice.

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