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Joe the Gardener

hi all 

please can anybody tell  me a good type of blueberry and how to plant it.

i heard it needs ericasious soil 


Joe the Gardener

Daniel Haynes

Hello Joe, do take a look at our video on growing blueberries and cranberries, which is full of useful advice, including tips on planting and providing ideal soil conditions:

How to grow blueberries and cranberries

The variety that Chris is planting in the video is called 'Bluejay'.


I now grow 4 varieties to get the longest season possible. The first 3 were bought as a multi-buy purchase from a gardening catalogue. The 4th was a acquired as someones surplus and is even earlier. My 3 varieties are Toro, Early Blue and Brigitta. If your only getting one I would suggest one which fits with your lifestyle ie ensure your not on holiday when it is due to fruit. They look good in a border but, I now have mine in a seperate netted bed - we often found we didn't get to the fruit in time for breakfast before the birds who love them too.  

Ericasious soil is best. Mine is slightly acidic anyway but I would suggest planting with it and then muching with it in the autumn too.......

I grow them too but cant remember the variety.  Yes do net them as I had the same problem.  I havnt had much of a crop so not sure what to do there. My plants are 3 to 4 yrs old.  Do I need to prune?

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