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Laura Corin

This is my first year growing much veg.  I have raised beds filled with a mixture of top soil and local authority green waste compost, with some of my own garden compost added in.  Two of the seed packets - Pea Twinkle and Carrot Early Nantes 2 - say that I can sow under cloches in February.  Is this likely to produce decent results or am I better off just waiting a bit?  I'm planning on sowing in batches through the spring.  

I live in southern Scotland, five miles from the sea.  The site is exposed but the beds are behind a deep windbreak.  Our last frost is usually in early May.

Many thanks



I'd leave it until March. Too early and the seeds will rot off.

I'd leave then till March too, the further North you are the later they should be sown. I'm in Lancashire, England and won't' be sowing peas until March at the earliest.   

Laura, I have sown that early here.....west Cornwall.....but it's not really wise for you up there I think.  I'm much less than a mile from the sea too.  Wait a tad longer but you can put those cloches in position to warm the soil 

Laura Corin

Thanks all - I'll put the cloches on but wait a bit - maybe start some peas on my window sill.



Random Mike

You could do it with hot beds, double dig (dig a spade down trench, air it with a fork at bottom of that to essentially loosen two spade depths) a trench and put lots of manure into the bottom then cover with the next trenches the manure rots down it will produce heat, (you may have seen them steam) if you put a cloche on that you might be ok even on the cost of southern Scotland, I used to have an allotment in Newcastle and this worked so well i could plant about an month a head of other gardeners it keeps the frost at bay and that is your real enemy...if you start things indoors still harden them off though. It has been a very mild year so reckon peas will be fine but carots are another matter as they should be in a less rich soil.


good luck

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