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Hi everyone

Any idea as to why my carrots (which I sowed in March), have such tall & luscious foliage - but tiny little carrots when pulled?  Very disappointing.

Have you been watering them a lot?  

Has the soil been thoroughly dug over?



nikki, how close together are they? Overcrowding can end up with your result. It could also be a fertiliser problem. Have you fertilised them? Particularly with nitrogen? Or was there fresh nitrogen in the soil? Either can also end up with your result.


Do they usually go from seed to big carrot in 3 months?


The time to full maturity depends on the variety. Earlier varieties - like Amsterdam Forcing, which I grow - are ready inside three months.

You also don't have to wait till carrots are fully mature. Harvesting them earlier will give you delicious young carrots.


Spot on Italophile.   Currently eating them like sweets.  Never wait until they are fully mature.....they don't last lomg enough here.

Nikki, it's just occurred to me that maybe you don't have a problem at all.  I think your carrots will grow.  They swell and grow very quickly now so keep,checking on them.  A week is a long time in the carrot world.  Bet you will be eating your carrots inside 2 weeks.  Let us know.  Mine are 2 to 3" and less than baby finger thickness.  Last week they were half that size.  Enjoy your carrots nikki

Many thanks for the replies folks.  I've only pulled a couple so far and the actual carrot was tiny!,  (And also because I didn't want to get them invaded by the deaded carrot fly).  But - I will keep my fingers crossed & try again in about a weeks time.  I'll let you know the results then.


Have you got them thinned out, they dont grow very big if they are all bunched together.

Try adding a phosphorus rich fertiliser. That will help the developments of roots, as it sounds like the ground is lacking this nutrient 

Hello Lyn & greenfingeredsmoggy

Yes they are not too bunched up.  And I have grown them before with success - so it's a bit of a mystery.  Thanks for the tip Grennfingeredsmoggy.  I'll try the phospherous fertiliser you suggest for root development.  (If all else fails, there's always next year to try again).  That's gardening, you win some - you lose some!  Thanks once again everyone.

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