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I have several that now have flowers on them.

Today I'm going to dig them up to make room for other plantings. Does anyone know if the leaves will still taste ok? I dont want to waste them but also I dont want to pick / freeze them if they taste a bit bitter or manky.




I think they're probably past their best if they're flowering.  Chop them up and put them on the compost heap 

Oh right, the leaves are looking ok. Do they start to taste a bit funny then? I know when leks bolt they become woody.


They can taste a bit bitter but I'd pick a few of the younger leaves and cook and taste them - what does it cost, a few minutes and a bit of electricity or gas 

I eat everything to the not so bitter end. Brussels sprouts keep sprouting all over. used purple sprouting broccoli from one year to the next. Mine is far from the best or neatest allotment on our small site, but I am the only one where there is something to pick and eat all through the year.

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