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I have a few chilliplants which i started fom seed, they are currently in 6" pots and about 2 foot tall, they have started flowering, but the flowers seem to open, then shrivel and die.

Do they need a bigger pot, more feed, manual polination or something completely different?

They are on a windowsil in doors.



Hi Singy, are you not hand-pollinating them then?  Unless the flowers are pollinated, they will do this.  It's really easy - use a small soft brush and gently go around every open flower gently poking it into the centre.  Occasional spraying with a fine mist of water from a hand spray can help, too.

Oh, i assumed they would be like tomatos (which i have not polinated myself) Will do as suggested.


They can self-pollinate but depend on the wind (difficult to arrange indoors!)  Tapping the stem might work, but I've been using a little brush for years with excellent results, so I always recommend doing it this way.

Just done it, hopefully that should stop them dying. Thank you!



Good luck!   What varieties are you growing?

Er is cayenne not the sub species?  if not then i have no idea, came in a suttons "grow your own" that was bought at the same time as my tomato's


Cayenne is a variety. I grow them. Lovely and hot.


Sorry - I missed the title of your thread - doh!

BobTheGardener wrote (see)

Sorry - I missed the title of your thread - doh!

The question confused me! 

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