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I have an establishes Sweet Cherry tree, this year it bloomed O.K and I saw the fruit coming on. Then overnight it had all gone, so now the tree has no fruit and only sparse leaves, which are clustered on the ends of the branches.

I grow organically, I mulch in the spring and use rain water. My soil is free draing , there's no sign of disease, any advice will be welcome.



Did you notice the leaves going yellow before they disappeared. Did they fall off or literally vanish? Did the fruits vanish or fall off? If they vanished I'd be thinking birds.


Thanks for the reply No the leaves didn't turn yellow just dropped off and so did the cherries although they appear to be malformed.

We did have a problem with Jackdaws, but I know its not them-they'll wait until they are ripe, the tree was O.K last year, the only difference I can see is that I didn't feed it with any bllod/fish and bonemeal this spring, just a mulch.

Any advice would be great)


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