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Hi, One side of my house is south facing and gets full sun all day, so I want to plant a peach & an apricot tree there & train them against the house. Is there a rootstock available to safely do this without damaging my foundations while still not being too dwarf? Can anyone help?

Hi Gothic, I'd recommend one I grow myself  "Avalon Pride" on "Mont Clare" rootstock.  It is peach leaf curl resistant and grows to about 2m x 2m.  Mine gives a good crop of full size peaches in a south-facing front garden.  Due to the relatively small size I don't think you need to worry about roots damaging foundations.

Thanks for the link Dave, looks like an M9 then.
Thanks Bob, I will look around for Avalon Pride .is it self fertile?



Yes Gothic - no other peach trees anywhere near me.  Blossom is very attractive too.

Thank you Bob, yes peach blossom is lovely , I keep bees & they'll love it. So that's pretty much decided then. Just need to sort out the Apricot now.

Can't help on the apricot but will be keeping an eye on this thread in case anyone recommends one - after one myself.

Thanks for the link Dove,
There's a couple of varieties I hadn't heard of (Alfred & Glow Fan).
I bought a Morpark in a garden centre sale last winter for a pittance ( big mistake) it was a weak tree & died in mid summer.

Hiya Bob,  I grow 2 varieties of peaches but peach leaf curl is an issue so I'm interested in your resistant variety.  No leaf curl at all?  Apricots seem to get some leaf curl too in my experience.  


Hi Verdun, it's almost completely resistant - perhaps 5 to10 curled leaves a season which I just pick off as I see them.  When I first planted it I missed a sucker growing from below the graft - on that small branch, every single leaf was affected (which is how I spotted it!)

Thanks Bob

Will check it out 

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