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The 'playhouse' in the top left is a fairly large summer house, that is the problem with pictures, I know what it looks like around the camera but viewers will not.  Good point.  

Yes, if you stood on the path looking at the summer house, you would have your back to the house, which is a bungalow and a couple of feet lower than where I am standing taking the pic So does not cast a shadow until late evening.

I agree that where I was stood may be a better area but the lawn left of the path has to stay as it is.  The dogs and grand kids and she who must be obeyed have made that very clear lol.

So, to confirm, if you stood looking at the fence, you would be facing east, making the fence west facing.

As for flowers.  That is a secondary project.  The garden is boring and as part of a long term plan, I hope to create some borders, a rockery at the top of the garden and make the boring square of grass interesting.

having said that, I have no idea how I am going to achieve it And it will be (very) long term.

Thanks for the book tip Tina, found it on Amazon and ordered it

 Got this Pollycarb and aluminium cold frame from B&Q for just under £20 big enough to take a grow bag. I am going to add a few pop rivets to make it a bit more rigid but if it gives me fun through the winter it will pay for itself.  Next year will see better stuff as the patch develops.

Might save up for a small greenhouse.  All ideas and no action at the moment lol.  Need to focus


Paddy - it's all part of the fun! I'm not long in this house (7 months) and there was nothing much here but gravel, slabs and fence. I've put a new fence right round the front , side and rear of the plot to keep out other people's children and animals () and have moved the shed and back gate and today I've been working on the raised beds against the 'sunny' fence. Only now am I getting to the point where plants can start going in. I bought a couple of plastic growhouses and have had a nice crop of tomatoes, and I grow lettuce and rocket as well as herbs. It takes time and sometimes you feel like it's never going to get any better, but all of a sudden you start to see light at the end of a tunnel. Keep looking forward, do a bit at a time, and you'll get there. A couple of raised beds  a few feet in from your fence will probably be enough for you, especially if you want to have other areas - you can grow veg among ornamentals too. Mine are different heights and sizes to accomodate the plot but they don't have to be too fancy. The end nearer the house will probably be ideal for lettuce crops as they don't need as much sun. The important thing to remember is to grow what you enjoy eating. 

Here's a pic of the work I've done on mine so far:


No expert

Very nice setup Fairygirl. Paddy I was going to recommend Amazon for the book but you got there before me. Don't have that one myself but have The Fruit Expert by the same author and it is a brilliant book.

Cheers No Expert.  Have to be careful on Amazon, I ordered the book for 4.99 post free but the same title is being sold for £16!!!!!

Fairygirl, that does look very neat and tidy you have obviously put a lot of work into it, very nicely done


Thanks Sara, another useful link to have

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