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 my climbing (black forest) courgettes seem to be growing well enough indoors. what do people think about getting them into the big wide world, though? maybe another week inside, a week or two in my coldframe then into the ground..? 


My courgettes went out into the cold frame at the beginning of this week 

thanks dove... How long do you reckon for?


I'm going to plant mine out at the beginning of June providing the weather is reasonable. 

sounds sensible... i've never tried these climbing ones before so interested to see how they turn out...


Steve 309

Mine are in the cold frame now - going out next week - but we've had no frost here for ages - more or less all winter!  It does depend so much on the weather and the likelihood of frost, and hence on where you are.

Mine are still in the GH, I'll be planting out beginning of June.  


First week of June for me too, they respond so much better to a gradual hardening off and shoot away in the warmer temperatures.


Oops... mine went out into troughs after being hardened off here in the Fens about 3 weeks ago. Despite slug pellets, some were destroyed, so have new seeds germinating to fill in the gaps. The ones that survived are doing well

I've just potted mine on..........hopefully, another couple of weeks and I'll plant them out.

I did notice on the Allotment next to mine, 2 Courgette Gold Rush were planted last week but not on a mound and very close together............not how I would do them but be interesting to see the results

As an experiment, I took my weakest looking Black Forest yesterday and put it into the cold frame. Quite overcast weather so doubt was a very cold night but either way, today (v gloomy and chilly) it looks happier than inside!

So, reckon I'll take that as a sign to put the rest in too. Will need to make some room... I've got various marigolds in pots bursting out of the coldframe so hoping they can go in pots / the ground now.


Marigolds will be fine outside - they're hardier than courgettes 

Perhaps I've been a little reckless but I've had half a dozen Black Beauty courgettes outside for three weeks - in containers and a sheltered position (excepting the current strong winds) -- and they seem to be fully OK with it. In the past, I have had problems with splitting stems when planting out but, so far, OK.

The margiolds will make way in the cold frame shortly... veg is the priority - i only got marigold seeds as cannon fodder for slugs etc!

In previous yrs, i've def had courgettes as plug plants out by now. this is the first year i've tried them from seed and i've been a bit cautious as a result.


Since I've hijacked my own thread... i've seen people say to pinch out the growing tip of marigolds and/or the first flowers. any wisdom on this? there doesn't seem to be an obvious growing tip...



Planted my courgettes out this week am in south east and is fairly sheltered and a town location so quite warm . used plastic bottle cloches on each courgette to protect from cold wind and slugs, will remove when it cheers up a little.

Steve 309

This winter & spring have been so mild it's good to get stuff out early - let's just hope we don't get a frost in June!  The wind is indeed the problem at the moment.

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