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I have just bought a female cucmber plant for my five year old granddaughter and wondered, do I need to get a male one for her to get cucmbers from it?

I always thought you needed a male and female plant... my friend used to go down in the night with a torch and "help" them out... I never really knew what that meant.. I have grown them without knowing which was which and still had masses of cucumbers.  Lets hope the same thing happens this year.


The old fashioned ones produced male and female flowers-you picked off the male flowers-female plants produce cucumbers without the need for a male.

There is no such thing as as a seperate male cucumber plant and a female cucumber plant-but there is a female plant-as is explained in the link above

If you dont remove the male flower on the "mixed" type you get bitter cucumbers.

I have bought a patio cucumber called Tiny Tot - do I need another one to pollinate this?


Can you tell me if make flowers need removing on Tiny Tot cucumber

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