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Hi Thanks for the response,

Lily 2 your tree looks great, I don't think my garden is big enough to let it spread that much, unfortunately! thanks for the photos.

Italophile. I am goint to keep it in pot so will transfer it into a larger one and will cut it down as suggested in the winter, can I use the bit I cut off.

Thanks again for photos and great advice. 





Chris, you prune when dormant, but if you leave it till late winter/very early spring you should score a couple more trees out of the pruning. Take roughly 6" cuttings from the tips of the branches that come off. Poke them into damp potting mix in small pots, keep them nice and warm - inside plastic bags would help - and keep an eye on them. As soon as you see the beginnings of green growth on the cuttings you'll know they've taken. Pot them up the following autumn. Fig cuttings root very easily. My fig in its container and one I planted in the garden both came from cuttings taken in very early spring.



Chris, re planting in the ground. I don't know how big your garden is but figs don't need to take up as much space as Lily's. Just as they thrive with contained roots in containers, the same applies when they're in the ground. You effectively plant them in a box to contain the roots. Dig a hole about 3' x 3' and 2' deep. Line the sides vertically with something like pavers or even bricks with their tops just above soil level. Spread clean gravel or stones in the bottom of the box. Plant the fig with plenty of good soil. It's how I planted my fig in the garden. Left to their own devices, figs in the ground can and will grow into monsters. Mine will never top about 10' and I control the width. It thrives.

Just another option to consider.

Chris9 just to say with ref to growing blueberries. I have had a fantastic crop of blueberries this year and still picking. My soil is neutral, therefore wrong for blueberries which need acid soil. I have my bushes in large terracotta pots plunged in the ground and mulched with acid bark chips but they produce far tastier fruit than anything you buy in the shops

Thanks Chris2,

That sounds promising and how wonderful to pick your own blueberries they are such lovely little morsals , I have seen on one of the seed website not sure which one off hand,  that they have 3 different blueberry bushes to buy and I think they are early, mid and late crops so may treat myself to these bushes for next years crop.  Thanks for all the great advice and the encouragement from everyone.  Chris2 what do you call large pots!

BBQ this afternoon with family, first one in our new garden and extension hope the weather stay good only there is cloud cover and is a bit cooler today, nevermind the burn sausages will tast great

regards Chris


Hi. Chris......what a wonderful,name....9. Large pots,. Mine are 40 cm deep and across but larger the better. Acid soil. .you may be tempted by the same nursery I got mine from in Dorset. I got the mature plants early mid and late in dormant season by mail order. I will get name and write again. Scorching here yesterday and today, perfect BBQ weather.....and burnt sausages are what it's all anout's the Dorset blueberry company. My plants Are in second year and I have picked loads

My blueberries came from ~Trehanes, the same people. They've been growing near here for 60 years so know their stuff. The advice is great as are the plants. Poppins is really delicious, I think, though quite small berries.


Thanks once again for advice.

BBy went well weather kept dry and warm but a bit overcast.

Update on my Fig Tree it has been given a new pot but realised that I used Miracle Grow compost will that be OK. Also, just received 3 little plug clamatis plants and have potted them into large yogurt pots (my bit to save money) do I keep them inside or will they be fine outside this time of the year.  


Chris 9


Hi Chris 2 and Flo Bear, just been on theTrehans website and they have a special offer 4 Poppins 4ltr pots for £30 would the Poppins be a good blueberry.  


Chris 2

Chris9 I bought 4 different bushes.....3 from Trehanes and1 bought locally. I think it wise to do this instead of having all the same variety. It means you can have early, mid and late fruiting and a difference in taste too. I'm sure Trehanes will advise you about the options. But, fresh, warm blueberries are delicious.
Oh, about your plug clematis they will be absolutely fine outside right now, even in winter, but I think it wise to protect if you can when winter does arrive. Yoghurt pots? Maybe a bit small??? Clematis are greedy and vigorous so maybe you can pot on again.......

Hi yes I think different bushes will be better nearly got carried away!

The yoghurt pots are family ones so are larger than the single ones but, I will keep an eye on them and change to pots in a couple of weeks.  

Thanks for the advice.



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