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muddy mare

I have been given four golden berry seedlings has any one else grown them my friend says they are delicious! I need a guide on how to grow on ?

I assume you mean one of the physalis plants. I love the fruits, a golden berry in a papery husk. They are tropical/sub tropical plants I think. I certainly haven't grown them. You should get some cultivation hints if you Google it if no one on the forum can help.


Difficult to stop them growing once they get started.  I grew them in a greenhouse.  If you can grow tomatoes you'll find them easy.

Best to grow them against a wall where you can tie them in or tie them to supports.

muddy mare

thankyou for your replies,will try one in the greenhouse with the toms and find aplace in the veg patch for a couple and maybe one in the border with the flowers looking forward to the learning curve


MM.............Golden Berries can grow to rather large plants......1 mt tall and the same spread............I find you you need a good summer to get a decent harvest but I've only grown them outside 


muddy mare

ooh thanks philippa can find the spaces fingers crossed for the weather

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