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Hi,  I've just bought a greenhouse and would like to try growing a grapevine.  I live in the North (near Leeds) and would ideally like a seedless type.  Can anyone suggest a good grape to grow?  I've narrowed it down to Flame, Himrod, Lakemont, Perlette and also Queen of Esther and Boskoop Glory but I'm not sure if these have seeds.

Hello Julie, My first Grape vine was 'Flame' which I planted outside the greenhouse and fed the vines into the greenhouse. The first year it survived the winter but in both 2009/2010 the frost cut it back to the roots. Last year I re-planted it on a west facing wall along with Boscoop Glory and it looks like it's new position is better than the cold greenhouse. 2009/2010 were particularly bad winters though, good luck.

Spechley red and Purpurea are tough 'ornamental' vines and we've made some very good wine with them..lovely Autumn colour too.

Thanks for your reply Ron.  What was the Flame like for mildew etc and were the grapes any good?  It will be fully inside a south west facing greenhouse.  Does the Boskoop Glory have seeds?  Thanks, Julie

No problem with mildew etc.on Flame but no grapes because the severe frost kept cutting it back. The Boskoop Glory is supposed to be seedless but I only bought it last year but hopefully I'll find out this year.

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