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Just need to get through tonight - the lowest forecast temperature of the week - just when my apple, pear and plum blossoms have started to open out. All my trees are dwarf - 6 ft or less (stepovers) so I have covered them all up as best I can. From tomorrow onwards it is a few degrees warmer - I'd hate myself if I tok a chance and woke up in the morning to see a ground frost.


When that's done all my hardy perennial babies can come out of the cold GH and stay out. Lovely.


Looks like we're going to escape a frost tonight - we escaped last night too, although there was a sharp frost up in North Norfolk.  

Woodgreen wonderboy

Not sure if I am convinced that fleece works that well. The problem is when the fleece gets wet with dew before it freezes to ice, and which can then damage the plant it is lying on. Only solution is to keep the fleece proud of the plant which is not always possible. Anyone else notice this problem?



I'm finding it's working ok to stop the bean flowers from freezing - it's held above the flowers by the green shoots at the top of the plants so not a problem, but yes - if I was worried about protecting the new growth at the top of a plant I'd raise it a few inches above - it's not the fleece that protects from frost - it's the air pocket it creates.


At this time of year there will only be a frost when there is no wind.  You can therefore just put a sheet of newspaper over shoots.  Make sure you cover your potato shoots with soil.

You are right woodgreen.  

I keep the fleece off tender stuff by using cloche supports.   As dove said its the air pocket that insulates


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