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I have several garlic plants in large pots which look really healthy following the harsh winter. What is the best feed come Spring?


rocketman, when the cold weather is overand the garlic is growing again you can give it a liquid seaeed feed. Garlic is quite a hungry plant so needs regular feeding 


jon cob, I have friends who grow garlic very successfully but they don't do this forum, so I gave their advice as I don't grow it as I'm not that keen on it.

I use a high nitrogen liquid feed.



That's funny, the rather unpolite remark jon cob made to me, which I answered above, has gone!

I think the moderators have done a spot of weeding. been growing garlic for years and feed with grow more and it werks alreet fer me.


were using nettle  and comry tea cus its free and all the allotmenteers used it last year and all swear by it ,so who am i to argue and its  free free free good luck Rocket man!!!!!! come to think of it i,ll bet nobody knows who played Rocketman all dem years ago,at the Saturday flea pit matinee i,v got u there Soto  


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