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I sow in trays or modules and place in my kitchen where temp is warm. I space seeds enough for me to pot on in small pots later. When germination occurs I move to cold greenhouse and don't overwater. I pot on when growth is strong and into the ground covered with cloches to keep them growing well until i can uncover them.The weather dictates times etc. there will be people on this forum who can provide tips on growing really good onions and I hope to learn some myself.

Thanks verdun ill try this out,Happy Christmas

Same to you edentoy. Can't do smileys on my iPad but can see them so thanks

Thanks verdun, I'll hopefully try this out too, thanks for the advice.

I've Red Baron, Bedfordshire Champion and Golden Bear onion seeds from 2010, never got round to sowing them, would they still be viable to sow this year.


Zoomer44, if they're in sealed foil packets they should be fine. Why not try over Xmas? Let us know. Incidentally, I've never grown red onions. I understand them to be sweeter but more temperamental?? Is that your experience? Bedfordshire champion were good for me.

Red onions are sweeter and milder. They are good in salads roasted round a joint in the oven and in stir fries. I find they bolt more easily than ordinary onions.

Thanks busy-lizzie may sow red onion seed too.

I found growing red onions from sets no trouble although they were picked quite young and didn't bolt like white onions sometimes do. They are more sweeter and not as eye watering when chopped. 

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