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Hi folks, I am hoping to grow some veg this year and reclaimed a bit of the lawn to do this. Living on the fylde coast in the north west the soil is quite sandy and I was wondering if any particular veg was more suited to this type of soil and climate? Thanks in advance for any thoughts .... Kazza 

Carrots would do well. I'm sure more ideas will be posted.

Hi there have you thought about raised bed gardening....Perfect if you want to grow crops you normally would struggle with

Thanks - carrots it is then !!!

Will research raised bed gardening, i'm an absolute beginner and my woodworking/bricklaying skills are zero but will have a look around the garden centre for big tubs which presumably would be a start ...

Look at montys raised beds in his vegetable garden its on one of the gardeners world episodes on bbc i player that will give you an idea

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